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Funk Out Spray

We developed  Funk Out® for one reason-- to develop stronger, safer cleaning products that could keep up with an active lifestyle.

Daniel Paulo founded Raw Athletics  LLC  the company behind Funk Out®, back in 2017 with a clear vision that there is a need for this product. While playing for Johnson & Wales University Soccer team, he needed something to keep his cleats and goalkeeper equipment from stinking up his dorm room. When he couldn't find any products strong enough without the use of irritating chemicals, he decided to develop a better sports equipment cleaning spray himself. Fast forward to today Dan owns multiple dry cleaning stores in Flagler and Volusia Counties in Florida. He created these sprays to help clean and remove odors from garments that have been involved in a fire, or mold disasters. The liquid would get mixed in with the water and would penetrate sanitize and deodorize the garments from the awful smell of mold and smoke. Thus an idea was born. We know chemicals and we believe we have truly found the only spray that not only disinfects but actually kills odor-causing bacteria on contact. The best part is, that it's all natural and won't irritate your skin, and has a nice soft subtle smell.

Today, Funk Out® has combined a safety-first mindset with cutting-edge chemistry to create an entire line of cleaning products for active lifestyles. From professional and collegiate sports teams to gyms and fitness studios, to homes across the country, you can find Funk Out® almost everywhere.

Funk Out® Laundry Detergent

Funk Out® Laundry Detergent is so strong, you won't believe it's also eco-friendly and safe for sensitive skin. It's designed to completely wash away sweat and odor from your favorite activewear, but also works great on everything else, so it's the only detergent you need.

Its power comes from advanced cold-water enzymes that allow you to wash in cold water but clean as if you're using warm or hot. Switching to cold water can keep your clothes looking newer and your colors much more vibrant and also reduce your energy consumption by up to 90%, which can save you about $300 per year! We also use biodegradable surfactants and are free of fragrances, dyes, brighteners, and softeners.

You no longer have to choose between strong and safe anymore. Now available as powder or pods.

Funk Out® Disinfecting Gym Wipes

Funk Out® Disinfecting Gym Wipes kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold twice as fast as other gym wipe brands. Funk Out® also provides the best value with 50% more wipes per roll and the cheapest cost-per-wipe on the market. Unlike other gym wipes, these are eco-friendly and completely free of chemicals that are on the Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinic’s (AOEC) list of chemicals that can cause asthma.

Funk Out® Cleaning & Deodorizing Spray

Whether you need to clean off gym equipment and yoga mats, or football helmets and shoulder pads, Funk Out ® Cleaning & Deodorizing Spray is your answer! Through the power of essential oils, all your sports and fitness gear can be fresh, clean and ready for the next use, all without the use of Ammonia, Chlorine or artificial fragrances. Also Available On Amazon >>

Funk Out® Shoe & Glove Powder

Control odor and germs in your shoes and gloves by eliminating moisture with Funk Out ® Shoe & Glove Powder. Simply sprinkle a little powder into shoes or gloves after use to help eliminate moisture. Shake out excess powder before next use and your shoes and gloves will be dryer and cleaner!  Also Available On Amazon >>

Funk Out® Boxing Glove Dogs

Our patent-pending Funk Out ® Glove Dogs are designed with duvet-style openings to allow for the removal and replacement of moisture-absorbing inserts. Now your glove dogs can be washed and reused! Our glove dogs are also made from antimicrobial fabric to help fight odor-causing bacteria and are breathable to allow for better moisture exchange and air flow.

Funk Out® Moisture & Odor Eliminating Bags

Damp environments are breeding grounds for germs. This is why shoes, gym bags, and lockers have a distinct, nasty smell to them. Our Funk Out® Moisture & Odor Eliminating Inserts are designed to draw moisture from the surrounding environment to help keep things fresh and clean. Designed with breathable, antimicrobial fabric to lengthen their lifespan and filled with biodegradable super-absorbing material, Vapor Fresh® Inserts will get the job done. Perfect as replacement inserts for our boxing glove dogs as well!